The COVID-19 outbreak has led to a huge change in lifestyle for everyone, and CN4C is doing what it can to support the most vulnerable members of our community.

Those who are shielding - not leaving their homes for a minimum of 12 weeks due to being at high risk from the virus - are left relying on volunteers to collect their shopping, which we all know is more of a chore than ever. There are those in our community who were struggling financially before the virus hit, who are now unable to afford food as well as their bills. 

To support those in our community who are hardest hit by the consequences of this virus, CN4C is working to provide delicious, nutritious meals. 

As well as a healthy, filling meal, those we are delivering too also get to see a friendly face that they recognise. Social distancing advice is followed, but it still allows for face to face communication that these members of our community wouldn't otherwise get. One recipient said that cooking the meals provided are like warming up a bowl of love.

We have received some funding from Cornwall Council to continue this work, but we need donations to keep paying for the ingredients for these meals. As well as the ingredients, we need to purchase safety equipment and cleaning equipment for the staff who are delivering these meals to the most vulnerable in our community.