Better Lives

In a world where many people are living longer, healthier, wealthier lives a surprising number of people are not. They are lonely, ill, poor or in a cycle where their negative experiences affect their own and their families life outcomes.

We support individuals to make positive lifestyle changes and signpost them to existing voluntary and statutory, mainstream services. We are involved in some great projects:

Health: We work with the health service to support people to change their life style through specialist project workers and the Prescription Only Medication Dependency Service

Safer Community: We work with Probation Services, White Gold, Konnect Cornwall, Safer Stronger Cornwall and RJ Working to run a hub at The Elms to support rehabilitation for people and families who have been involved in the criminal justice system.

Families: We support families through our “Why Don’t You..?” Club with Saturdays, afterschool and holiday activities designed to inspire aspiration and achievement.

Social Action: We work with Adult Social Care and Community activists to create social clubs for people who want to make friends or challenge their situation to make a difference to their lives and their community.

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