Better Off

For a lot of people in Cornwall, in work and out of work, lack of money and opportunity is still a barrier. They are unemployed, underemployed or in a job that just doesn’t pay enough.

In Cornwall employers have vacancies and skills gaps that they can’t fill. At the same time, we are working with people who are keen to improve their situation and make their way in life.

The issues leading to poverty are often complicated and require more than one kind of support. However, with the right help and motivation it is possible to make meaningful change. We help people and employers to achieve their full potential by providing:

Information, Advice and Guidance. We help people find their way through the maze of life. If we can’t help, we will find someone who can.

Learning. We offer community learning from fun activities to basic skills, from Traineeships to professional qualifications. We help people to start their journey and to progress. We help people of all ages from pre-school children to senior citizens to find new interests and knowledge and to aspire for greatness.

Employment support. We run work clubs and pathways to employment services to support people to prepare themselves and present themselves for work. We build their confidence and employment networks. We develop their portfolios through our qualification programmes, coaching and through volunteering and work placements.

Ultimately, we plan to find them temporary and permanent, part time and full time work through our social recruitment agency, 4 Work, which re-launches later in 2016. This agency will specialise in the type of clients not well-served by mainstream providers including Probation clients, Care leavers and the long-term unemployed.

The provision at CN4C is part funded under the following ESF projects:

SKILLS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE – ‘Vocationally based skills activity to bring young people from priority groups closer to employment or further learning.’
ICAN – NATIONAL CAREERS SERVICE – ‘High quality information, advice & guidance regarding career pathways to increase participation in further education and learning.’
FAMILY & COMMUNITY ESSENTIAL SKILLS – ‘Enhancing equal access to lifelong learning for those aged 16+ in a non-formal & informal setting, upgrading the knowledge, skills and individuals and promoting flexible learning pathways.’

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