Category: TOAST
Qualification: Awareness session
Location: St Austell

Toast, which stands for Taking Our Achievements and Successes Together, supports school leavers aged 16-18 who may find the challenge of college provision a little overwhelming or would benefit from a more bespoke offer. Toast can also support 18-25 learners who have an EHCP.

The Toast programme offers Functional skills: English and Maths up to Level 2; two days on an employability qualification and one day work experience and employment type activities.

TOAST offers students informal classroom-based learning with 1-1 support available from a Learning Support Practitioner.

The course is led by teaching staff who are experienced at supporting learners with social, emotional and behavioural issues, as well as learning and physical disabilities. Our aim is to make learning more inclusive, promote equality and eliminate discrimination.

Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development course is assessed on an on-going basis through a learner portfolio.

Functional Skills: English and Maths is assessed on an on-going basis and final grades are awarded following an individual online assessment.

Read about the difference TOAST made to Morgan in his own words and the words of his mum, Melanie:

My time at The Elms attending the TOAST programme has not only been immeasurably beneficial to my learning and mental health, but also has been the best fun I have ever had in a learning environment.

The programme and CN4C is filled with the kindest, most understanding and most patient people I have met in my life, and as such I have been able to feel safe enough to start living up to my potential for the first time in my life.

I have made lots of new friends and built a large amount of confidence and have even been acting as a student representative.
I have begun working on my creative writing skills and learning how to draw and have already improved my art skills a good bit.

As for my writing, I have written my first chapter and am currently at work on a larger second chapter.

Ideally, I would like to end up with a job that involves animals such as zookeeping or to have a job working at The Elms for CN4C amongst my friends.

The support that Morgan receives through the TOAST Young Person’s Programme is absolutely outstanding. As he has so eloquently put himself, he is able to feel safe and have a sense of belonging which enables him to have the confidence to achieve academically for the first time since primary school. Morgan suffers from high levels of anxiety, hypervigilance and social anxiety. Through the support of The Elms, he is making friends and seeking out ways to help those within the group who are struggling with anxiety and socialising. This is enabling him to gain valuable social skills which he can take forward with him.

Morgan has also been nominated student representative for the programme which has further boosted his confidence and widened his horizons. Morgan is able to excitedly share about his day on a Thursday.
His time there outside the home gives him structure, an interest to share and talk about. He looks forward to the sessions each week.

The difference in Morgan’s confidence and mental health since joining TOAST at CN4C is notable. Without this invaluable outside support, I would struggle to give Morgan the opportunities he needs to be successful.

Prior to this Morgan was very withdrawn and struggling with his mental health to the point of self-harm and suicidal thoughts. This had begun to impact on my own mental health significantly. I am now able to pursue my career as a primary school teacher in my first teaching post.

The staff who have worked closely with Morgan have been absolutely amazing, the TOAST provision is simply the best!