Why don’t you? Club

Category: Social, Families
Location: St Austell
When: Saturdays
Time and venue: 10am-1pm | St Austell

Why Don’t You? is a fun family engagement group where families and friends come together to make art, have adventures and eat great food together. Everyone is welcome, mums, dads, carers, grandparents, friends and cousins.

Each week we meet at a different location in the Redruth and St Austell areas, depending on the activity. All activities are fully accessible and designed to be enjoyed by all ages in a fulfilling and meaningful way.

Why Don’t You? Club is affiliated with the Children’s University scheme, which means that young people volunteering to help out at Why Don’t You? can record their activities with us in their learning passport. We are also able to provide volunteering hours for Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

A donation of £2 per session towards the cost of running our activities would be welcome but there’s no requirement to pay.

Please contact us for further information about Why don’t you? Club activities or volunteering.