Mental Health Workshop.

27 JUNE 2018


What does depression or anxiety look like?

              Have you met someone experiencing suicidal thoughts or behaviours, panic attacks trauma, or grief?  

How would you know and how can you help?

Find out more with CN4C In St Austell.

This 5 hour introduction to mental health issues will help participants to learn to identify the signs of depression, stress and anxiety and teach ways to respond effectively. At the end of the day you will have to take away with you:

i. A collection of short articles on the major themes covered.
ii. A guide to recommended further reading.
iii. A guide to Higher Education topics and courses where the themes explored might be relevant.
iv. A guide to Higher Education providers and potential courses.

If you are self employed, working part time or have recently been made redundant and don’t have a Higher Education Qualification or simply want to change direction, this course is free.

To register for the workshop, or for more information, contact Emma Lankford on 07837 956 342 or email or Vicky at CN4C on 01209 310616 or email


For an introduction to mental health issues from the perspective of the Mental Health Foundation click here.

For a talk by Bill Bernat on the ‘dos and don’ts’ for talking to people living with depression:


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