Kassii is 15 years old and is currently studying for her GCSE's. Kassii is a well known member of our community after taking part in various activities for young people at CN4C.

In 2019, Kassii became involved in a CN4C project that sought to bring together young people from West Cornwall, Brittany and Romania. The Erasmus+ Project is the European Union programme for education, training youth and sport and is overseen by The Department for Education in the UK. The focus of the project that CN4C is taking part in is a co-design between young people from the three nations, to work on how to prevent young people leaving education too early.

To prepare for going abroad, to meet with students from Brittany and Romania, the Erasmus+ project collaborated with the National Environment Research Council (NERC) to engage the young people in researching the kind of work people used to do in the past and what kind of work the young people may find themselves doing in the future. 

Funded by NERC, The 'Old Work/New Work' field trip involved visiting Geevor Tin Mine and Newlyn Fishing Port, where the young people took photographs of what they saw, recorded their feelings and reflected on how they might 'fit in' in the future. The field trip also contributed to NERC’s research project on how young people respond to their physical environment.

Having taken some amazing photographs, Kassii was so inspired by the project she contacted her tutor at school in an effort to allow her to change the theme of an important project. Such was her enthusiasm and the high quality of work done at CN4C, this was easily achieved. From cautious engagement in activities to taking charge of what she wants to do, Kassii is a great example of a young person gaining skills and confidence through pursuits undertaken with CN4C.

Kassii says:

Participating in the Erasmus project is not only enjoyable, but it has been a confidence booster for me. I learnt through fun, and that learning was inspirational. From this, I was able to seek and gain permission to change my GCSE master photography project to a topic I now feel extremely passionate about, from the skills taught to me.