One thing our website is missing is lots of pictures of CN4C activities, so CN4C are going to hold a competition.

If you have a photo that you've taken at a CN4C activity in the last two years, that you think is a great example of what we do at CN4C, we'd like to feature it on the website.

To find out which of the photos that are submitted are the best of the best, we will ask people to vote on Facebook for their favourite, and the winner will get a £25 Amazon gift voucher.

To be eligible to enter your photo needs to be:
Less than two years old
Landscape (wider than it is tall)
We need to clearly see who is in the photo and what is going on
Any people in the photo will need to be happy for it to be used on the website

Send your photo to us on messenger by Tuesday 5th May and we will create a photo album for people to like their favourites in. The photo with the most likes after 1 week will be the winner.