Usually, the Why Don't You...? Club runs on Saturday mornings from 10am to 1pm during term time, and several days a week during school holidays. We use art and food to create a warm, friendly atmosphere where we can come together to have fun, make amazing things and share the highs and lows of family life.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we have had to cease our usual activities and instead are offering ideas and opportunities to the wider community, with our usual Why Don't You...? Club feel. We have a new Facebook page open to everyone, and a closed group for those who prefer a little more privacy, that is run by Rosi, our Families Support Co-ordinator. 

On our Facebook page, we have family activities, fun things to do and freebies, as well as links to live streaming of music, theatre and shows to help you keep your family entertained through this difficult time, as well as get a taste of what it's like to come to Why Don't You Club.

You can also message Rosi on the Facebook page, for one to one support and advice, on those days that things are a little bit more difficult.

Come and join our online community and share triumphs and trying times. Share the joy of getting a fussy eater to try a new food, or a non-sleeper to sleep before 10pm! Ask for help with homework or school work, or anything else you are finding hard in these times that are trying for everyone.

The Why Don't You Club is funded by the Building Better Opportunities Coast to Coast programme