Why Don’t You…? Club

“Why Don’t You..?” Club is a fun group supporting family engagement and promoting healthy living. We meet on a Saturday morning and enjoy an art activity, have a cookery master class, make lunch, then all sit down together and share our news over food.

In addition to our normal club day we have extra sessions whenever we can, especially during school holidays. During the summer we open our doors for a minimum of 2 days, some weeks  4 days, where we run sessions for our families.

During holidays especially food poverty can be a serious problem. With Why Don’t You…? you can be sure of a hearty, healthy meal for all.

We ask that clubbers pay a weekly subscription fee of £1 and £1 for lunch per person, large or small, if you can. This helps to meet costs, whilst enabling some people to still attend when they may not have the funds to do so otherwise.

About the Members
The group is informal and constantly changing. Some weeks are busier than others with around 30 people attending regularly. There is a huge range of diversity too. Some of our clubbers have experienced difficulties such as drug and alcohol dependency, domestic violence, suicide, divorce, bereavement, imprisonment, additional educational and physical needs, poverty, mental health issues, depression and more. There are migrant families, mixed race and ethnic minorities all part of the WDY family. Volunteers are always welcome and at present we have teens doing D of E, students and other adults all contributing in some way.

Other Agencies
We work in partnership with The Children’s University and have had presentations where clubbers received certificates. Linking in to the CN4C Raising Aspirations Programme, we have had support from Eat Well for Less, Devon and Cornwall Food Association, STEM at Cornwall College, FEAST, Deep Blue Sound, Sustrans, Hearty Lives and more.



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