We challenge and support people to make positive change in their lives. The change could be living a better life by securing basic needs, living a healthier lifestyle or joining a social activity or club. The change could be becoming better off by accessing education or training, or an individual fulfilling their potential in the workplace. The change could be making better sense of the systems that are currently in place, influencing the development of new systems or setting up a social enterprise that helps to shape the local economy and society.

Since 2001 Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change has been supporting communities, groups and individuals to achieve the change they want to see. Every day, CN4C see that the current system is unfair and that people do not have equal opportunities to meet their basic needs and make their lives better.

CN4C work in three areas to help people to break out of negative patterns that are caused by the inequalities in today’s systems.

Better Lives

CN4C hold activities in Redruth, St Austell, Newquay, Bodmin, and Looe to help people live a better life by providing community groups and activities that support personal health and wellbeing. The Better Lives team also support people to take a step closer to becoming employed, if someone is interested in doing this.

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Better Off

CN4C holds activities to help make people better off, by focusing on learning new skills and completing courses. The Better Off team also focus on helping people with job searches, with interview technique and support, and with setting up their own business.

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Better Sense

CN4C values everyone’s views, and needs involvement from everyone to make changes to the systems that don’t work for a lot of people in Cornwall. CN4C uses co-design to encourage new approaches to economic growth, clearer thinking around issues of equality and diversity and better use of food. CN4C is also involved in looking at how government funding that will replace the funding previously provided by the European Union is used fairly to support those that need it most.

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