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Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change is a community organisation that believes that the current system is unfair and people do not have equal opportunities to meet their basic needs and make their lives better. We challenge the system where we see it is broken and work with people and organisations to make Cornwall fairer.

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About Us

Our story

Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change (CN4C) is a community development-based organisation founded in 2001 as an early example of co-design. The residents of social housing estates in West Cornwall worked with professional staff from a housing association to develop plans for community development. After 5 years of operation, CN4C became an independent charity and a social enterprise, allowing us to expand our reach and better serve the community. To this day, our mission is to assist and enable individuals and communities in Cornwall who are grappling with significant economic and social issues.

Cornwall is a unique county that faces a range of challenges. With only 10% of social housing stock compared to the national average of 20%, and 40% of its workforce earning less than a living wage, there is a concentration of poverty and disadvantage similar to levels experienced in some more notorious urban areas. Families, children, and vulnerable adults often experience life far from the traditional picture-postcard image of Cornwall that many may have in mind.

At CN4C, we work to address these challenges by listening to and working with the people who matter most - the individuals and communities we serve. We believe in co-design and co-production, where we work in partnership with people to develop and deliver services that meet their specific needs.

Through our work, we have been able to secure funding to help people live better lives, live better off, and make better sense of the system. We offer a range of services and programs, including employment support, community development, family support, and young people provision.

Our Funders

Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change is proud to be supported by a diverse range of funders who share our vision of creating vibrant, inclusive, and empowered communities in Cornwall. Our funders include local authorities, national and regional charitable trusts, corporate donors, and individual supporters who contribute their time, expertise, and resources to help us deliver our programmes and services. We are grateful for their ongoing support, which enables us to work towards achieving our mission of tackling inequality and promoting social justice in Cornwall.

Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change delivers its programme of activities with the following partners:

Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change works with the following local businesses:

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